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Gallery Submissions

Gallery submissions are accepted from webmasters who have registered with this site and have undergone our review process.

If you are interested in submitting your galleries to this site, please note the following rules (Be aware that we reserve the right to change these rules at any time)

  • NO teen galleries or galleries where the model is made to appear young.
  • NO BDSM, torture, femdom, bondage, etc. "Mainstream porn only!"
  • NO urination, scat, pregnant, lactating or other non-mainstream porn niches.
  • NO popups, popunders, blind links, blind thumbs or other such nonsense.
  • NO pics on HTML pages or JavaScript lightboxes. All thumbs should lead to the proper big pic.
  • NO galleries on free hosts or free image hosting.
  • NO changing your gallery after submitting. Galleries are checked regularly. Galleries that changed are deleted.
  • BLOG style galleries are fine, but keep it reasonable and avoid blind links and similar annoyances.
  • DESCRIPTION: always use an accurate description of your gallery.
  • CATEGORY: Choose either hardcore or softcore. ANY insertion, including sex toys, should be placed under hardcore.
  • MODEL NAME: Where possible, use the PRIMARY model's first and last name only. If unknown, leave it blank.
  • KEYWORDS: Select the ones that match your GALLERY, not the scene you are linking to.
  • KEYWORDS: Only select the keywords that match. If in doubt about a keyword, don't use it.
  • PREVIEW THUMBNAILS should be exactly 400x600 (WxH).
  • PREVIEW THUMBNAILS should represent your gallery. Please no extreme closeups or gaping holes.
  • RECIP LINKS: Galleries should have a link back to us, as follows:
    Anchor: Adult Gallery Post
    URL: https://adultgallerypost.com/

Very Imortant! -- this is a relatively new TGP gallery site and is designed to build out archives of submitted galleries. It will NOT send you a lot of traffic initially. But over time it will be very consistent as your galleries will stay in for a long time.

If you agree to the above rules, you may apply for a partner account by clicking here. Please be prepared to provide examples of your galleries.


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